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kevins_watch's Journal

Kevins Watch
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Community Dedicated to the works of Stephen R. Donaldson
aliantha berries, andelain, arch of time, art, berek halfhand, bloodguard, books, caamora, cavewight, chronicles of thomas covenant, colossus of the fall, courser, creativeness, daughter of regals, demondim-spawn, diamondraught, drool rockworm, elemesnedene, elohim, elohimfest, fantasy, fantasy bedtime hour, fatal revenant, fire lion, forbidding, gamers, giant ship, gilden-fire, haruchai, illearth stone, kevins watch, king, leper, linden, literature, lord foul, lotr, merewives, mind meld, mithil stonedown, mordant's need, na mhoram's grim, outcast, pantheon, photography, pratchett, ranyhyn, raver, reading, reed stephens, revelstone, revelwood, rivenrock, rockfall, roleplaying games, runes, sandgorgon, sci-fi, science fiction, skyweir, staff of law, stephen donaldson, stephen king, stephen r donaldson, sunbane, tcotc, the gap, the land, the man who, the one forest, thoolah, tolken, tolkien, unclean, ur-viles, vain, waynhim, white gold, white gold ring